366TAS: 7:54 – VHS or Beta – Solid Gold

I wonder if you were to take a survey of kids in college today, how many of them would understand what would be up for decision when asked to choose between VHS or Beta. I mean, they probably haven’t heard of LaserDiscs either, but I suppose that’s kind of understandable. The band is of relatively recent vintage, putting out their first album in 2004, so they were referencing obsolete technology from the get-go. That has a certain retro coolness to it and sometimes the etymology of a band name is enlightening, but it’s one that more and more kids are going to have to investigate going forward.

Solid Gold – VHS or Beta

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude: VHS stomped Beta even though the latter was considered to have a slightly better picture. As for laser discs. A rich client of mine had some. I think it was Abba. It figures. What is the Capt. doing next year? The old guy.

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