366TAS: 7:53 – Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling

Back in the good old days, bands were up front about where they came from. Boston was from Boston, Kansas was from Kansas, Chicago was from Chicago, Europe was from Europe (Sweden, to be specific). It was simple, life was good. But what’s in a name has changed and you just can’t be certain about a bands’ origins anymore. I’m From Barcelona isn’t actually from Barcelona; they’re from Sweden. Architecture in Helsinki is only in Helsinki if they’re on a world tour, because they hail from Australia. The Japandroids are Canadian, unlike Boards of Canada, who are Scottish.

Boards of Canada also gets bonus credit for great song titles like “Under the Coke Sign”, “Turquoise Hexagon Sun”, “Oscar See Through Red Eye”, “Everything You Do is a Balloon”, “Sherbet Head” and “Pete Standing Alone”.

Happy Cycling – Boards of Canada

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