366TAS: 7:52 – Massive Attack – Protection

Although several genres, including Britpop, neo-swing, ska and the countless indistinguishable “alternative” bands attained a certain level of popularity in the 90’s, my experience has been that when most people think of “90’s music”, the conversation typically focuses on grunge. Given the way that Seattle’s grunge scene dominated the early part of the decade, that’s not entirely unreasonable, but while US audiences were looking to the upper northwest, UK music fans were starting to get excited about the happenings going on in Bristol where acts like Portishead, Tricky and Massive Attack were at the forefront of the trip-hop movement.

Although they never experienced substantial commercial success in the US, all three acts placed albums in the top ten of the UK charts, with Portishead hitting #2 three times and Massive Attack placing four albums in the top six, with a fifth at #13. “Protection” is the title track from their second album, released in 1994.

Protection – Massive Attack

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