366TAS: 7:51 – Jaga Jazzist – All I Know is Tonight

If you head over to Amazon’s mp3 store and look my seventh-ranked album of 2012, Ricardo Donoso’s Assimilating the Shadow, you’ll see that “Shadow Aspect” has a running time of 7:51. When you buy the album and import it into iTunes, however, it clocks in at 7:52 (or, more precisely, 7:51.562, which is then rounded up to 7:52). So instead of one of my favorite albums of the year (now duly noted), we’ll go with Jaga Jazzist’s “All I Know is Tonight”.

Jaga Jazzist rose to prominence when the BBC named their 2002 album Livingroom Hush as the best jazz album of the year. Stylistically, they’re have a more progressive style than the classical jazz that probably springs to mind and a track like “All I Know is Tonight” can help you see how the fine minds at Wikipedia would go so far as to classify the band as a post-rock act. One other fun tidbit: Jaga Jazzist joins Sondre Lerche as the second (and Last) Norwegian artist to show up on the list.

All I Know is Tonight – Jaga Jazzist

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