366TAS: 7:50 – Silversun Pickups – … All the Go Inbetweens

As a general matter, I have no idea of what’s popular or cool. It’s easy to forget that sometimes, since I tend to live in my own little bubble world where my tastes aren’t that unusual, but from the perspective of the world at-large, my circles are just a blip on the radar screen. To some extent, I’ve internalized this and harbor no expectations that other people will be interested in or even cognizant of the bits of culture from my life; I don’t expect obscure sci-fi television shows to come up at trivia and despite the inroads that indie rock has made in the world of commercials and television soundtracks, I don’t expect most of the bands in my library to be referenced anywhere.

So imagine my surprise when I’m shopping at Safeway one afternoon and I hear the Silversun Pickups come on the in-store music system. What?! Apparently, I missed the part where they broke out into the popular consciousness. Heck, they even garnered a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. But hey, every now and then, my little world becomes the cool thing and gets some recognition for a minute or two (see also, here). Even if I have no idea why or how, I’m fine with that.

… All the Go Inbetweens – Silversun Pickups

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