366TAS: 7:46 – Faith No More – War Pigs

Throughout the year, I’ve managed to sprinkle a few cover songs into the mix. Sometimes, I didn’t even realize the song was a cover until I went to write it up. The cover songs we truly appreciate, however, are the ones where the original is familiar to us beforehand. At best, a great cover will make you stop and say, “wait… what… I know this… what is it? … OHHHH! THAT’S what it is!” But a cover song doesn’t quite have to reach those transcendent levels to be excellent. In fact, there are four distinct types of good cover songs (along four bad types of covers).

Faith No More’s rendition of the Black Sabbath classic isn’t a substantial departure from the original, but it does put the band’s distinctive stamp on the song. Essentially, that’s the script that Faith No More followed for most of the covers they performed, everything from Black Sabbath to Herb Alpert and Deep Purple to Mariah Carey. Over the years, Faith No More covered several songs, usually to great effect. That probably makes them a good choice to represent The Last cover song of the year, as “War Pigs” happens to be.

On a completely unrelated note, if you’re a Faith No More fan and you’re in the New York City area, make sure to look out for A Small Victory, the finest FNM tribute band around. You can keep up-to-date with their schedule by following them on Twitter.

War Pigs – Faith No More

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