366TAS: 7:44 – Goat – Det som aldrig förändras / Diarabi

Goat is a band that I actually discovered at least in part because of the 366TAS project. You see, 7:44 was one of those times for which I literally had nothing when I first assembled the list around this time last year. As the year went on, I didn’t happen across anything to fit the bill, so I took a look at my Spotify playlist of all the 2012 albums I had listened to or heard buzz about. There were actually two choices there, both Scandinavian in origin: “Ekki múkk” by Sigur Rós and Goat’s “Det som aldrig förändras / Diarabi”.

Although I haven’t historically been a fan of Sigur Rós, I took a listen to Valtari and it’s not bad. Then I listened to Goat’s World Music and was immediately sold on what Spin awesomely describes as “a damn-near indescribable collision of searing psych-metal, trance-inducing Afrobeat congas, Krautrock infinity-gazing, and demonic disco.” Most of the tracks from their album are more easily pronounced than the 7:44 album closer, for instance: “Goatman”, “Goathead”, “Goatlord” and “Disco Fever”. Google Translate tells me that “Det som aldrig förändras” translates from Swedish to mean “what never changes”. In this case, what never changes is how great this album is, from first listen right on through.

Det som aldrig förändras / Diarabi – Goat

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