366TAS: 7:43 – Battles – Tonto

Battles’ sophomore LP, Gloss Drop fared extremely well on the list of 2011’s best albums. I liked their sound so much that when I saw they had put out a critically-acclaimed debut album a few years prior, I was naturally inclined to check it out. Hey, if these guys can make one great album, why not another?

That’s one of the big ways I’ve always explored and discovered new music. The artists and albums may not be particularly new anymore, but if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s new to you! Sometimes, it’s a strategy that strikes gold and you instantly have a whole catalog of a band’s prior albums to dive in to. In this case, Battles’ first album, Mirrored ended up being one of my most played albums in 2012. Mirrored isn’t eligible for the year-end list, of course, but it’s certainly going to stick in my memory as one of the albums of 2012. “Tonto” stands out as a highlight track.

Tonto – Battles

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