366TAS: 7:42 – Rodrigo y Gabriela – Orion

I’ve been a fan of yoga ever since I started practicing about five years ago in an effort to recover from some of my mysterious muscle problems. One aspect of yoga that’s poorly understood is the importance of listening, particularly when you’re practicing in a class or a group setting. Instructors are there to provide guidance, but rarely are classes a series of rote steps and movements. Even familiar positions can usually be improved by making subtle adjustments or engaging a different type of muscle action that may not be obvious to an outside observer. Paying attention to the teachers is often a critical element to getting the most out of your practice.

It’s also not unusual for teachers to play music during their classes. It’s rarely anything popular and almost always instrumental or if there are “lyrics”, it’s Eastern-style chanting in what I presume to be Hindi. Basically, it’s there to provide ambiance and not distract from the matter at hand.

Well one day I was in class going about my practice when all of the sudden, I found myself distracted by the music. It sounded awfully familiar and I knew I recognized what I was hearing. It was a cover of something, but I couldn’t quite place my finger on what the song was. For about five or six minutes, I was completely distracted as I tried to figure out what it was I was listening to. Then I had that brilliant moment of identification. You know, the one when you finally figure out what the original song was and say to yourself “Oh my god, I’m listening to Metallica!!” Okay, maybe it’s not usually Metallica, but that’s what I was hearing in my yoga class. And I’m probably the only one there who realized what was going on.

After class, I asked the teacher who it was that was doing the awesome Metallica cover. That’s when I first learned of the Mexican brother and sister instrumental heavy metal flamenco duo of Rodrigo y Gabriela. They’ve covered Metallica and Led Zeppelin, but their original work is pretty fantastic and easily accessible too. I mean, if they can make music that the yoga and metal crowds can agree on, I think they’ve got their bases pretty well covered. Here’s that Metallica cover that’s so wonderfully distracting.

Orion – Rodrigo y Gabriela

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