366TAS: 7:41 – Hot Chip – Let Me Be Him

As I’ve mentioned here and on Twitter, the official Corsairs Affairs list of the top 30 albums of 2012 will be coming out soon. I dropped the hint that all thirty albums on the list were represented in the year-in-review playlist I’ve assembled. Now for an outright spoiler: Hot Chip is on the list.

In a year with very few albums that gradually grew on me over time, Hot Chip’s In Our Heads was a notable exception. I got the album cheap on Amazon and on first listen, I was really unimpressed. Nevertheless, the album had some hook to it that sustained my interest for a few listens and before too long, “Let Me Be Him” established itself as a highlight that was reason enough to keep Hot Chip in rotation. From there, the rest is history.

I do wonder if I would have given this album the same chance if I were just listening to it randomly on Spotify instead of buying it from Amazon. Because I could listen to it at work, it probably got a better evaluation than similarly situated albums that I never bought. The demise of Amazon’s mp3 daily deal was one of this year’s great disappointments. I suspect it’ll mean that I buy a lot less and take fliers on fewer albums that don’t catch my interest right off the bat. In any case, stay tuned to see where Hot Chip ends up on the list of the year’s best albums!

Let Me Be Him – Hot Chip

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  1. Good pick–I thought this was the best song on “In Our Heads.”

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