366TAS: 7:38 – Steely Dan – Deacon Blues

My personal “Aha! I’m a grownup and can do whatever I want now!” moment came about six months after graduation from college. I had moved back to Pittsburgh, gotten a job, found an apartment and some roommates and generally started to go about life. It was a Friday or Saturday night in December and I didn’t have anything going on, but I did have a brand-new Sega Dreamcast to play with and I had just picked up Steely Dan’s Decade boxed set that contained their entire catalog of studio albums to date (Two Against Nature would be released a few months later). Naturally, I stayed up more or less all night playing video games and relaxing to the smooth sounds of Steely Dan, simply because I wanted to and I could.

Certainly I could have chosen to do that in college too. It was actually during my freshman year that I first got into Steely Dan (because apparently my college days were full of seven minute plus songs). The only difference was that when I was in school, I didn’t have the cash to spare on things like shiny new video game systems or CD box sets. The cash was the missing piece for the self-determinism to fill my apartment with playpen balls, video games and Steely Dan records.

Deacon Blues – Steely Dan

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