366TAS: 7:37 – Trey Anastasio – Push on ‘Til the Day

Trey Anastasio is best known as the frontman from Phish. Like so many kids passing through college in the late 90’s, I listened to some Phish when I was an undergrad. The guys on my floor freshman year were always partial to Junta. “Fluffhead”, “Fluff’s Travels” and “Contact” would customarily echo through the halls of my dorm on Friday and Saturday nights before people went out. There were a variety of favorites on the frisbee team, but my junior year roommate and I would rock out to tapes of this show from Red Rocks Ampitheatre, particuarly the second set which was fantastic.

There was only so much of this that I internalized and made my own. I did pick up one Phish album (Rift, thanks in large part to the fantastic rendition of “Maze” from the Red Rocks set), but never got into the bootlegs or went to any of their shows. I guess it’s always been more part of the college experience for me. Every now and again, it’s fun to go back and give a listen to A Picture of Nectar or some of the other random tracks that I liked back in the day.

A couple years after I graduated (and about two years before Phish broke up), Trey came out with his first solo album. It was good and got some airplay on WYEP. “Push on ‘Til the Day” is one of the better tracks from that effort.

Push on ‘Til the Day – Trey Anastasio

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