366TAS: 7:34 – Bob Mould – (Shine Your) Love Light Hope (Morel’s Pink Noise Dub)

The other day, I mentioned that as we got toward the end of the year, there were several holes in the list that I had to fill, ideally with something at that’s not a complete blank. By and large, I’ve been successful, replacing the times where I literally had nothing or only had a nondescript classical piece with something reasonably interesting. In the end, only two real “holes” remained. For 7:27, I came up with a Velvet Underground track from a rock and roll movie.

Today, I have a Bob Mould remix. And hey, Bob Mould hails from the District of Columbia, just like me! In that light, it’s also yet another pick that bookends with a song from the beginning of the year (see also here and here). Also worth noting, I could have used Daft Punk here, but that would have created a similar hole at 7:28. As far as “filler” goes, Morel’s Pink Noise Dub remix of “(Shine Your) Love Light Hope” is pretty good though.

(Shine Your) Love Light Hope (Morel’s Pink Noise Dub) – Bob Mould

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