366TAS: 7:33 – Medeski, Martin & Wood – Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps)

When I joined up with the ultimate frisbee team my sophomore year at Syracuse, there was a little bit of culture shock at first. There’s a lot of little things that were different about ’em; they weren’t heading out to Chuck’s en masse every weekend for cheap beer, they generally seemed less interested in ‘being sports fans’ and generally, they were a group of kinda weird folks. That’s probably why I fit in there better than anywhere else.

As far as I know, the frisbee house was the only place in Syracuse where you could have a game of Diplomacy interrupted only by Cartoon Planet overseen by a cardboard cutout of Han Solo overseeing the proceedings. I’m sure you could have had a similar experience several other places on campus, but instead of Diplomacy, people would be playing Monopoly and all the other aspects would also be replaced with lesser approximations. In short, I think what set the frisbee team apart from many of the other crowds on campus (aside from the whole playing ultimate bit), was just the fact that they had better taste.

Along those lines, there were a healthy number of music performance majors on the team and they shared a lot of similar tastes, including an affinity for for jazz which eclipsed that of anyone else I had known to that point. My junior year, one of the frisbee guys was my roommate and we would share stuff, trading influences. Medeski, Martin & Wood was pretty big in the frisbee circle of my team, so it was something that was introduced to me. Soon after graduation, I would go out and get my own copies of a couple of their albums. Today, they’re still welcome reminders of the old days of college ultimate.

Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps) – Medeski, Martin & Wood

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