366TAS: 7:27 – The Velvet Underground – Oh! Sweet Nuthin’

When I first assembled this list around this time last year, it ended with Metallica. Whether that was at 7:26 with “One” or at 7:27 with a live version of “The Thing that Should Not Be” at 7:27, that was as far as I could go before I hit a time with zero songs in my library. That’s not to say the list started at a correspondingly earlier time. It didn’t. In fact, I hadn’t decided to set out to do this project at that point. I knew that getting past 7:27, I could carry on for awhile longer, but there were more potholes. Some times were like 7:27 with literally no song at all. Some only had a random piece of classical music with no special relevance to me. As such, I’ve been keeping an eye out for ways to fill these times this year. By and large, I’ve been successful.

Actually, this is probably the least successful I’ve been at filling in the gaps toward the end. Nevertheless, “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'” makes an appearance on the soundtrack to High Fidelity, a film I’ve already pegged as one of the better rock and roll movies out there. And hey, Lou Reed is a fellow Syracuse graduate, so there’s that too!

Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ – The Velvet Underground

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  1. Captain Easychord says:

    Oh, and the juxtaposition of Lou Reed with Metallica is a complete coincidence… hopefully the pairing doesn’t bode as badly for me as it did for them… yikes!

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