366TAS: 7:26 – Metallica – One

Many Metallica fans lament the way the band sold out. There’s some disagreement about where, when and how, but few if any reject the premise that it happened. Back before lead singer James Hetfield morphed into furniture, they were the leading metal band out there. I didn’t start listening to Metallica until the eponymous black album came out. Some say that this is where the band sold out, others say it was later. But even presuming that the black album turned them to the “dark side”, it also attracted countless new Metallica fans. Some would assuredly never hear their early work, but people like me would go ahead and explore the catalog.

Although I’m partial to pretty much the whole Master of Puppets album, “One” is an undeniable classic; one of the band’s signature songs. How many people got introduced to “One” because of the black album, Load or anything after? Not getting new classics kinda sucks for the original fans, but who knows? Maybe that well had run dry? Bands evolve and countless fanbases have experienced that disappointment. Sometimes, a new group of people gets the benefits and sometimes you’re one of those folks. The key, I suppose, is always being on the lookout for the next new, interesting and exciting music. I’ll have a few pointers on that coming up soon…

One – Metallica

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