366TAS: 7:25 – Givers – Go Out at Night

It’s December, which means it’s the season for best of the year lists. If you remember back to a year ago, you’ll see that the Givers’ album, In Light placed 14th on my 2011 list. With a year of distance, I would probably change a few things about last year’s list. Heck, it only took a few days before I realized that M83 and Destroyer clearly merited positions on the list (the former would probably now rank in the top three).

My top 30 albums of 2012 will be coming out sometime in the next week or three, but there’s a lot of music that I didn’t have time to digest this year; some of it, I never even got around to at all. Inevitably, there will be stuff that I miss. Often, those albums show up on other lists, leading me to check them out. The opportunities for discovery are really the best part of the end-of-year list frenzy. It’s not so much about being “right” as much as it is about sharing the music from this year that we all loved.

As for the Givers, I still love ’em and I suspect they would still place in the top 20 of a revised 2011 list, even if “Go Out at Night” wasn’t quite one of the highlights of the album. If you overlooked In Light last year, it’s a worthwhile listen and I would recommend that you check it out!

Go Out at Night – Givers

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