366TAS: 7:19 – Explosions in the Sky – Greet Death

Yesterday, I mentioned a great performance from this year’s Coachella Music Festival. I wasn’t actually out in California to see it, however. Instead, I was sitting comfortably on my couch. Over the last few years, live Internet broadcasts of big concerts have officially become a thing, allowing an Internet audience the chance to experience just a little bit of shows that are otherwise sold out. It’s obviously not the same as being there, but when I couldn’t get tickets to LCD Soundsystem’s farewell concert at Madison Square Garden, I appreciated being able to tune into the live feed and catch the show that way.

So when selected sets from Coachella streamed on YouTube, I basically spent a day bringing the festival to my apartment. There were a bunch of bands that I wanted to see and pretty much everyone on my list turned in a pretty good set. M83 was excellent and, in some ways, inspired me to see them when they came to town a month or two later. Tune-Yards was a lot of fun and Andrew Bird and Destroyer each put on a very nice set. St. Vincent was electric. But the one performance that really, really impressed me and stood out in my mind was Explosions in the Sky.

Taking the stage amidst a light rain late on Friday night, these guys came out and unleashed what can only be described as a three guitar attack on the audience. For about 45 minutes, they just wailed away, throwing everything they had into the show and the result was just plain awesome. They’re now atop my list of bands to see. Oh, and one other perk of watching from home? This was all taking place at the same time as M83’s set. Had I been at the festival, I’d have had to choose one or the other. Being at home, I got to see both incredible performances.

Greet Death – Explosions in the Sky

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