366TAS: 7:18 – Andrew Bird – Souverian

In my head, I sometimes classify certain music based on the ideal time of day or time of year to be listening to it. I typically do most of my jazz listening late in the evenings and a lot of electronic music seems more appropriate during the wintertime, for instance. It’s not so much that these things don’t work for me any other time; they do. It’s just that these times seem to optimize the listening experience for me.

Anyway, Andrew Bird is primarily known for two things: playing the violin and whistling. Unfortunately, that means I’ll probably shy away from listening to him late at night. That’s okay though, because for me, Andrew Bird occupies the odd niche of just-before-sundown music. I’m not certain whether that’s entirely a result of his exquisite sunset timeslot at Coachella this past year, but I think there’s a certain reflectiveness and tranquility intrinsic to his music that makes it well-suited for the end of the day, before the night gets started. “Souverian”, the effective closer from Bird’s 2009 album, Noble Beast is a perfect example of that.

Souverian – Andrew Bird

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