366TAS: 7:12 – Rush – Working Man

My cousin BJ is a few years older than me and back in the 80’s when I was a young’un, BJ was a big, big Rush fan to the point where it was almost one of his defining characteristics (along with his need for a bottomless bottle of Coke). Now since we were both kind of annoying jerks (okay, it was mostly me), I’d heckle Rush and their fans (mostly him this time). It didn’t matter that I didn’t really know much about them (but oh, if only I knew they were Canadian!), it was enough to know that BJ liked ’em.

In the spring of 1993 when I was living in New Jersey and first getting into classic rock, BJ came out to stay with us for a bit. When he left, he happened to leave behind a couple of Rush albums, 2112 on cassette and Caress of Steel on vinyl. Since I was branching out into new music at the time, I gave ’em a try and found that Rush wasn’t so bad after all! I haven’t gone much past the Chronicles collection and I’m not one of the band’s rabid fanbase that’s particularly outspoken on their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame candidacy, but Rush is alright by me.

Working Man – Rush

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