366TAS: 7:11 – The Doors – Riders on the Storm

If you’re going to do your own version of the 366TAS project – maybe even just a 10 month/300 song version running from 2:20 to 7:19 or whatever – you have to start at the ends and work towards the middle simply because the longer (and, to a lesser extent, the shorter) times are when you’re more likely to have fewer choices. Those pesky times where you have literally only one choice and so you have to use that song from that band at that time because there are no other options.

Hopefully that song is good! I’m fortunate that the one and only 7:11 track in my library just happens to be “Riders on the Storm.” Hey, if that’s what I have to pick, I’m okay with that. There are 300 or so tough choices for me to make, a few easy ones is a welcome respite that can provide a framework for the other, more difficult choices.

Riders on the Storm – The Doors

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