366TAS: 6:57 – Blue Öyster Cult – Buck’s Boogie

One of the cool things about working in a drug store in a mall is that you get to know the people who work in all the other shops because they regularly come by your store when they’re on break to pick up some food and drink, cigarettes or other supplies. In my time at Revco, I got to know a handful of folks, but the one with whom I was friendliest was a girl who worked over at Sam Goody. When it was time for me to leave for college, she told me to come by the record store and she would hook me up with an album. What did I pick? Blue Öyster Cult’s album where they re-engineered some of their biggest hits, “Cult Classic”. Between well-known tunes like “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”, “Burning For You” and “Godzilla” and lesser-known tracks like “Buck’s Boogie”, I’m still pleased with the choice.

Buck’s Boogie – Blue Öyster Cult

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