366TAS: 6:48 – Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery – Night Train

“Night Train” is a song with a history. The development of the song is a little complicated and a variety of lyrical accompaniments have been added, even though the song is typically performed as an instrumental. Lots of different artists have recorded the song and it has appeared in a bunch of movies, but for me, it’ll always be the song from Back to the Future that Marvin Berry and the Starlighters were performing when the film cuts to the action at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. You can hear it at the outset of this awesome clip which syncs up and shows the simultaneous action from the Enchantment Under the Sea dance that takes place in both of the first two Back to the Future films.


That’s about the best way to spend 15 minutes of your day right there! Hopefully it helped jog your memory about “Night Train”.

Night Train – Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery

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