366TAS: 6:47 – Kraftwerk – Tour de France

If “Tour de France” sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the only song that’s going to show up twice in the 366TAS project. Flip back to July 24, when we heard from the 2 Live Crew. Hear the backing track there? That’s “Tour de France!” Who knew Luther Campbell was a big krautrock fan?!

My favorite Kraftwerk story, however, dates back to 2005. I had just picked up a couple Kraftwerk albums, including their classic, Trans-Europe Express. Listening to the album, I figured that a person – perhaps someone not so good with geography – could plausibly mis-hear the title of “Europe Endless” as “You’re Append-less”, presuming it to be a song about someone who has had their appendix removed. I sort of chuckled at the thought and filed it away. A month or two later, mom needed an emergency appendectomy. I got up to Pittsburgh a few hours after she was out of surgery and before too long, I told her about the irony of the song and the timing and such. Apparently, laughing after one has had their appendix removed is somewhat painful and probably not the best thing for recovery. Sorry mom! In the end, she was okay and now we can look back on that and laugh, even if mom never could quite get into the Kraftwerk the same way that Luther Campbell did. Ah well, different strokes for different folks!

Tour de France – Kraftwerk

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