366TAS: 6:46 – Spiritualized – Get What You Deserve

I just started looking at how I might put together my top 30 albums of 2012 earlier this week and I suspect that when all is said and done, Spiritualized’s Sweet Heart Sweet Light will probably be somewhere on that list. I’m not too sure about where though, since spots 10 through 50 are all pretty close (and not because they’re all great albums). Today, however, I would have been happier if “So Long You Pretty Thing” were a second shorter.

This space was originally reserved for Guns N’ Roses’ 6:46 anthem, “Paradise City”, but I suppose I thought I had a good reason for swapping out. Upon further review, 5:56 will probably be someone like Ben Folds Five, A Hawk and a Hacksaw or Moby when I revise the list at year’s end. But hey, even if I probably could have done better, you could always do worse than Spiritualized. That right there pretty much sums up the year in music and my rationale for putting Sweet Heart Sweet Light in the top 30. It may not be quite what we deserve, but it’s what we’re getting.

Get What You Deserve – Spiritualized

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