366TAS: 6:44 – The Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps

Including today, there are 73 days left in the year (!) and therefore 73 songs left to post as we work our way up to the grand finale at 7:55. At the moment, my iTunes library only has 235 songs that fit the criteria of being by an artist other than ones I’ve used already and being between 6:44 and 7:55. Some individual artists are responsible for five or six or twelve (!!) of those 235. We’re going to make it to the end; that much I know. But there are going to be days like today where there’s no good story and I’m lukewarm at best about the tune. The Twilight Singers have done better stuff than their 2011 album, Dynamite Steps and the title track is probably the worst of my four possible 6:44 tracks. You’ll appreciate the conservation of greatness later on.

Dynamite Steps – The Twilight Singers

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