366TAS: 6:43 – Discodeine – Homo-Compatible

Since I took to Spotify, I’ve been able to sample lots of things I might not have otherwise heard, but for the most part, the music I’ve listened to has been stuff I’ve heard of somewhere else first. Discodeine, on the other hand, is an act that I first heard when I stumbled across them on one of some random person’s playlists. If it weren’t for Spotify, I never would have heard of Discodeine in the first place, much less bothered listening to them. They’re my first real discovery of the Spotify era. “Homo-Compatible” was that first track that caught my attention with its slow lurch from ominous, foreboding lurches to a light, airy dance groove that allows you to casually glide across the dance floor while pointing to all your fans in the audience without missing a beat.

Homo-Compatible – Discodeine

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