366TAS: 6:39 – Amon Tobin – Journeyman

I’m posting a lot of different music here this year. I like just about everything that goes up and to some extent I recommend it all. There are some songs that I think have such universal appeal that anyone will like them, no matter whether you’ve previously heard the song or liked the band. I’m not shy about giving my readers a starting point to discover something new.

This is not a starting point. This is almost certainly the least accessible song I’ll post all year. You probably won’t like it. Maybe you will… I don’t know. Maybe you’ll at least be intrigued, but probably not. It’s a lot of beautiful calamitous noise. On his show last year, Bob Boilen from NPR’s “All Songs Considered” said this song sounded like the the entire planet just falling apart. I prefer to think of it as the planet being demolished to make way for a hyperspatial express route, but y’know, we’re all going to hear different things in something like “Journeyman”, right?

Journeyman – Amon Tobin

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