366TAS: 6:38 – Def Leppard – Rocket

I still remember that my buddy Brendan gave me a casette tape of Def Leppard’s classic album, Hysteria for my birthday way back in the elementary school days. Mostly because someone – probably one of his brothers – tipped me off in advance. Surprise spoiled somewhat, a surplus of sweet songs still ensured my satisfaction. Oh yeah, gratuitous alliteration! Had it not been for Guns N’ Roses, Def Leppard might have gone down as the top band of the hair band era, even if they aren’t as commonly remembered as a standout of the genre. I think that’s just because, like GnR, their music outshone their hair. That’s not as true for the rest of their contemporaries.

Rocket – Def Leppard

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  1. James says:

    Would it be a cliche to suggest “Pour Some Sugar On Me” (4:25)? Or would it be better to suggest “Love Bites” (5:46) instead?

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