366TAS: 6:36 – Oddisee – All Along the River

There are tons of songs about New York City, but not as many about Washington, DC. I guess that makes sense since New York is chock full of musicians and the like while lawyers and government types set out for DC, but the difference is still pretty stark. I have a short iTunes playlist of songs that one might imagine have some possible tie to the Washington, DC area. Mostly, I’m sure that wasn’t the intent, but the language at least could be interpreted to be about DC:

1. Washington, DC – The Magnetic Fields
2. Capitol City – Wilco
3. NW Apt. – Band of Horses
4. Embassy Row – Pavement
5. Four Hours in Washington – M. Ward
6. Letters to the Metro – Mogwai
7. The Carter Barron – Oddisee
8. Whitehouseorgy – The Bar Kays

Of course “Chocolate City” would be in there too if it were in my library, but it isn’t. What I do have is Oddisee’s Rock Creek Park album, which is all about DC. Oddisee himself was born in DC and raised in the area, so a tribute to the largest park in the city only makes sense.

All Along the River – Oddisee

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