366TAS: 6:35 – The New Pornographers – Unguided

We’ve already heard from several members of the Canadian supergroup, The New Pornographers. Neko Case was here in March, Kathryn Calder’s Immaculate Machine came around in May and Dan Bejar and John Collins are both members of Destroyer, featured a few days later. On their own, each of the New Pornographers have done some good work (including A.C. Newman, not mentioned this year on Corsairs Affairs), but when you but them together they’re like a great Canadian Voltron, pumping out wonderful critically acclaimed albums left and right.

Also, the story about the band’s name being adapted from a Jimmy Swaggart quote about how rock and roll is “the new pornography” isn’t true, but it would be pretty great if it were (The band’s name was inspired by a Japanese dark comic satire film, The Pornographers).

Unguided – The New Pornographers

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  1. James says:

    My most favorite New Pornographers song is “Valkyrie In The Roller Disco” (3:32), don’t know why, but just listen to it, if you want to prove me wrong.

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