366TAS: 6:33 – Grizzly Bear – Colorado

Well here’s one of the places where the list kinda falls apart. My only option at 6:33 is a live version of “Colorado” that Grizzly Bear performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music back in 2009. At their best (“While You Wait for the Others”, “Two Weeks”), Grizzly Bear is pretty fantastic and they really make me want to like them, but more often than not, they aren’t at their best. They just released a new album a few weeks ago. It might make my list of the top 30 albums of the year, but at this point 55 minutes of traffic noise recorded from my window might make the list too.

Anyway, I’ve been 4-6 days behind on the posting schedule for a couple weeks now and the 6:30’s are one of the more nondescript parts of the list, so I’m going minimalist with the next few posts to catch up quickly.

Colorado – Grizzly Bear

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