366TAS: 6:32 – Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

Apparently, it’s karaoke memories week. Earlier, we visited old favorite karaoke artists of Dan and Jason. Now I’ve heard a bunch of people sing “The Humpty Dance” before, but every time I’m in the audience for someone’s “Humpty Dance” performance, I diss them and dismiss them because it’s tricky to rock “The Humpty Dance” right on time. It takes the type of Digital Underground fan who grew up listening to Sex Packets, loved the whole album and preferred the group’s zany oddball antics to some of the other trends going on in the rap world at the time. Yeah that’s right, “The Humpty Dance” is my karaoke song… well, at least one of two or three (or four). But really, if I’m at karaoke and you bring a Humpty nose and glasses, I’ll sing “The Humpty Dance” in the disguise. That’s the deal.

The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground

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