366TAS: 6:27 – Living Colour – Type

For the last twenty years or so, I’ve believed that Living Colour frontman Corey Glover was somehow related to actor Danny Glover. Apparently, that’s a baseless rumor that’s been spread around for years, because I remember hearing something to that extent back in the band’s heyday of the early 90’s.

More Living Colour knowledge acquired today: the band was assembled by guitarist Vernon Reid who cycled through a whole lot of performers before settling on the lineup that won the first two Grammys for Best Hard Rock Performance, winning in 1990 for “Cult of Personality” and in 1991 for Time’s Up. You might notice the oddity here, where the former award was won for a song while the latter was for an album. For the first four year’s of the award’s existence, songs and albums competed head-to-head in the category, which makes little sense to me… but then again, there are lots of things about the Grammys that make little sense to me. Living Colour’s wins, however, were not one of them; they were entirely deserving. “Type” was the biggest song from the Grammy-winning Time’s Up album, which featured guest appearances by Mick Jagger, Little Richard, Queen Latifah, Doug E. Fresh and Maceo Parker. So it has the credentials (and then some) to be appearing in the 366TAS project too.

Type – Living Colour

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