366TAS: 6:24 – The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

One band whose albums I never bought when I was a kid was the Rolling Stones. It wasn’t because I didn’t like them; in fact, there were a lot of Stones tracks that I really liked. The problem was that they had so many big hit songs that there was neither a core of studio albums nor any greatest hits compilation that were really satisfactory. Over the years, the Stones were so prolific and consistently good that they churned out hit song after hit song. There’s just so much that it’s hard to know where to start. I mean really… look at this list of singles! A three disc compilation might do the trick, but inevitably, even that would probably leave out a few choice selections. “Sympathy for the Devil”, however, probably makes just about any list of the Stones’ best tracks.

Sympathy for the Devil – The Rolling Stones

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