366TAS: 6:22 – Red Snapper – Crease

I’ve mentioned before that there are going to be some gaps as we get into the longer times that are filled with less-good songs. Here’s one of them. Today was originally scheduled to be U2’s “Hawkmoon 269”, but then I decided I wanted to use Bono and company back on my birthday. So here we are with Red Snapper instead. I remember buying this album at Amoeba Records while I was revisiting San Francisco for Steve and Stacey’s wedding. I might have listened to it once. I think there was one song I liked for a little while (that inspired me to get the album in the first place), but that didn’t last. Every album you pick up won’t be a winner, some won’t even be “just okay”, some are quite forgettable. Red Snapper’s Making Bones was one of those for me. Now you can forget it too.

Crease – Red Snapper

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