366TAS: 6:21 – The Who – Who Are You

Ah yes, the song that launched a thousand Crime Scene Investigations (in Las Vegas). Okay, maybe it’s just 280-some and counting, but nevertheless an impressive number! I actually watched CSI for a spell back in the early 2000’s, most likely because I got into Survivor during its first season (while I didn’t have my stereo out in San Francisco) and I think the two shows aired on the same night for a few years. I think for a procedural show to work for me, it has to have some kind of hook to it, whether it’s the historical fiction and unusual stories of Warehouse 13 or the great cast portraying charismatic characters of Castle. Ultimately, CSI didn’t really have either one of these and it fell off my radar after a year or two.

But hey, the intro music was great, and that’s a trick the CSI folks used for the Miami and the New York spinoffs too. Nice touch! I wonder if Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey and the gang could have possibly foreseen that 30 years down the line, they might be getting most of their musical exposure from a family of police procedural television shows. Weird, huh?

Who Are You – The Who

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