366TAS: 6:17 – Music Go Music – Reach Out

One thing I’ve always found fascinating is the little differences between similar institutions across different cities. Take the local news, for instance. More or less the same format and content no matter where you are (in the US, at least), but they all have slightly different feels to them thanks to the on-air talent, the local business advertisements, the graphics and so forth.

From some of my travels when I was a kid, I knew that when I moved out to New Jersey for tenth grade, so many of these little things would be different. In particular, I was concerned about the local radio stations. I more or less liked the Pittsburgh radio stations I had grown accustomed to. So to take a little piece of home with me, I took a few blank tapes and just recorded a few hours of whatever 97 Rock was broadcasting before I left town. It was like an instant, impromptu mixtape with a little ‘local flavor’ that reminded me of home.

When I got out to New Jersey, I listened to those tapes quite a bit; they were generally filled with lots of good tunes, many of which I didn’t really know. This was right around the time I was first getting into AC/DC, who would go on to be the one band I was most excited about through high school. Sure enough, the tapes had this one great AC/DC song on them that I played over and over again. After I moved back to Pittsburgh the next year, I talked to my friend Robb, a big AC/DC fan himself. I told him about this great song and I looked for it on albums, EPs, singles… I looked everywhere for this song, but couldn’t find it. That’s when I discovered that I’d been duped. I wasn’t really excited about an AC/DC song on those 97 Rock tapes, I was really excited about the Jackyl song on the tapes … oops!

In fairness to me, I was still an AC/DC n00b at that point and besides, the Jackyl song (“I Stand Alone”) sounds a helluva lot like an AC/DC song! And just as Jackyl fooled me into thinking they were AC/DC, Music Go Music has styled themselves after ABBA to the point that they could very easily be confused with the Swedish quartet. The similarities are more pronounced on a track like “Light of Love” (see, for instance, the performance from their appearance on Face Time below), but you can hear them on just about any Music Go Music track.

The real trick to Music Go Music, however, isn’t that they aren’t ABBA, it’s that they aren’t really Music Go Music either! “Torg”, “Gala Bell”, and “Kamar Maza” are the stage names that these musicians use to disguise the fact that they’re actually the members of indie rock band, Bodies of Water. Oh, and while they were re-imagining themselves as a band, they went ahead and made up their own variety show; there is no Face Time either! All of that takes a back seat to the music though, because their one album, 2009’s Expressions, was pretty fantastic.

Reach Out – Music Go Music

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