366TAS: 6:16 – Gang Gang Dance – Adult Goth

On 9/9/99, the Sega Dreamcast was launched, kicking off the sixth generation of video game consoles. Ten days later, I was the proud new owner of a Dreamcast as well as three of the system’s top launch titles: Soul Calibur, NFL2K and Hydro Thunder. All three were great games and although I never saw fancy graphics as a substitute for good gameplay, I was awfully impressed with just how great these games looked. The tracks from the boat racing game, Hydro Thunder, were especially impressive, with courses set in ancient pyramids, jungles and other exotic locales. Around every corner was new and fantastic scenery, some of which you probably couldn’t have imagined previously.

When I listen to Gang Gang Dance’s outstanding 2011 album, Eye Contact, it sounds like the type of otherworldly magical mystery tour you would only get if you stepped into the scenic world of Hydro Thunder or perhaps an episode of Doctor Who. Surprises around every corner, each more impressive and unexpected than the last. From the beginning of the sprawling eleven minute plus opener “Glass Jar” through the closing beats of “Thru and Thru”, each track is richly textured and thoroughly atmospheric. The entire album flows seamlessly from one track to the next, making individual songs perhaps less significant outside of their context, removed from the whole of the album. Nevertheless, with “Adult Goth”, you can get a small sample of the 48 minute journey that Gang Gang Dance takes you on throughout Eye Contact. It’s a great trip and one of my top two albums from last year. Even if they only reached a niche audience, this album will hopefully be remembered as fondly as the Dreamcast is among video game fans; both were outstanding.

Adult Goth – Gang Gang Dance

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