366TAS: 6:08 – U2 – Bad

A week or two after I made the initial list of songs for this project, I setup a spreadsheet to match every time to the calendar so that I could see what songs I was posting on what days. One of the first days I looked to check was September 15 because you see, it’s my birthday and I hoped that I could post some really awesome track to celebrate. But when I looked at my options at 6:08, they were all bad (or “Bad”). Oh sure, there’s the Drive-By Truckers’ “Decoration Day”; that’s quality, but I had about three or four other places where I could have wedged them in. There was “Dim the Lights” by the Phenomenal Handclap Band, and for the first few months of the year, that was the choice. I suppose it’s okay, but it left something to be desired.

Originally, I had U2 scheduled for 6:22 – also a weak time. Actually, I was originally going to use my favorite U2 song at 5:34 until I reacquired Wish You Were Here and was pretty dead-set on using the title track which was the same time. So when I looked at my options, I decided that I’m using the best available choice today because it’s what I want to do, so “Bad” it is! Speaking of some of my favorite things, let’s reel off my ten best U2 songs, a la Stereogum.

Compiling the list was pretty tough; just about the entire Joshua Tree album is worthy of a spot, but I figured that would be pretty boring if I just listed off that album’s songs so I just picked one from each side of the album. On the flipside, until recently, I thought Achtung Baby was neck-and-neck with Joshua Tree for U2’s best album, but I’m not sure any of its tracks belong on here. Classic case of synergy, I guess. I’m not at all sure about this list, but honorary mentions go to “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”, “Pride (In the Name of Love)”, “The Refugee”, every Joshua Tree track not on here and “Wake Up Dead Man”, which came out while I lived in a dorm room overlooking a cemetery. I’m probably wrong and I’ll probably change my mind about this in ten minutes or so, but what the heck, here we go:

10. If God Will Send His Angels
9. Two Hearts Beat as One
8. Stay
7. Trip Through Your Wires
6. Running To Stand Still
5. Zooropa
4. Desire
3. Angel of Harlem
2. I Will Follow
1. Surrender

One final note: “Bad” by U2 is the shortest combination of characters in an artist’s name and song title that we’ll see this year. The second shortest was MGMT’s “Kids”, back on mom’s birthday. Celebrate by leaving your top ten U2 songs in the comments!

Bad – U2

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