366TAS: 6:07 – It’s a Beautiful Day – White Bird

It IS a beautiful day here in DC. The weather is spectacular, with sunny skies, comfortable highs in the low 80’s and no meaningful humidity to speak of. What a wonderful day to celebrate today’s holiday, Hug a Crabby Stranger Day! The gist of the day is pretty straight-forward: see a stranger who looks a bit crabby? Give ’em a hug! See? It’s a beautiful day!

It may be asking a little much to continue that relationship beyond today, however. After all, today is also my parents’ wedding anniversary and… uh… that didn’t end up working out so well. Maybe the “crabby stranger” bit was an omen (even if they weren’t actually strangers)? I dunno. So go out and hug a crabby stranger! Just don’t get married today!

White Bird – It’s a Beautiful Day

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