366TAS: 6:00 – Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself

The first time I went to karaoke, I narrowed my song selection down to two choices: “Dancing With Myself” and Lionel Richie’s “Say You, Say Me”. I went with Lionel and it was a good choice on my part, but despite spending many, many nights at Karaoke bars, I never once sang “Dancing With Myself” or any other Billy Idol tune, for that matter. That’s too bad, because I’ve got the Billy Idol sneer down pat. If only I could pull off a British accent, I could make a pretty good Billy Idol for Halloween. But aside from my Yinzer impression, I’m no good with accents, so that’s not going to work. I feel like there’s a lot of “almost, but not quite” in my relationship with Billy Idol. Maybe it’s just an awesome dream, but in some alternate universe, I’m probably rocking the cradle of love and whatnot, but in this one, I’m just a guy with a sneer who sings Lionel Richie songs.

Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol

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