366TAS: 5:53 – Bob Dylan – Series of Dreams

While I was stocking the shelves, filling the coolers, or fixing up the shelves, the one constant from my high school job at the Revco drug store at South Hills Village was the awful, awful in-store music that would play all day and night over the store’s PA system. It was pretty much all terrible, but none of it was worse than a version of this song, which seemed to play twice an hour and became a running joke between myself, my coworker Jim Quigg and Mark, the store manager. There wasn’t much we could do about it, as the music came in from corporate (interspersed with some store promotion clips), so we lamented, heckled, grinned and beared it, but I still remember how awful it was over 15 years later.

Our talk of music would eventually turn to things that we did like. Jim happened to be a big, big Bob Dylan fan. Since I was only familiar with his work in passing, Jim hooked me up with a couple of Dylan mixtapes to learn me up good. As you would suspect, there was a lot of great stuff on there. One of those excellent songs, I believe, was “Series of Dreams”, which also happens to be on both of the Bob Dylan albums I’ve picked up since then. Even though I’ve moved on from the cassette tape era, I think I still have Jim’s mixes back at mom’s house. I also lost touch with Jim over the years, but sometimes when I queue up “Tangled up in Blue”, “Hurricane” or one of Bob Dylan’s other classic tunes, I’ll remember that Jim was the guy who gave me the hookup so many years ago.

Series of Dreams – Bob Dylan

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