366TAS: 5:51 – The Ramsey Lewis Trio – The “In” Crowd

Fun fact: The Ramsey Lewis Trio’s popular version of “The ‘In’ Crowd” was recorded at a nightclub just down the street from my apartment here in Washington, DC.

“The ‘In’ Crowd” also has one of my favorite uses of punctuation in a song title. There’s plenty of songs with parenthetical phrases in the title, occasionally, you’ll see a nice use of the elipsis (a punctuation mark that I’m particularly fond of) and sometimes you’ll see both in one. Occasionally, a well-placed asterisk can stand in for some letters or a mysterious comma will show up where you least expect it. But well-placed quotes in song titles are rare and few are better than this one right here. Fun. would be proud. So would Portugal. The Man.

The “In” Crowd – The Ramsey Lewis Trio

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