366TAS: 5:50 – Pulp – Common People

After it took me nearly eight months to post a song from 1995, we get two in four days. Go figure. But if you’re only going to pick one or two 1995 tracks, then why not go with one of the top songs from the decade?

On some level, “Common People” is basically a song about going on a first date at the supermarket. From experience, I can say that this is not a terrible idea… at least I’ve done worse! I think the young lady with whom I went to the store a decade or so ago is doing well for herself now, although I’m not sure if she ran into problems with roaches whether her folks could swoop in and put and end to that. So maybe my experience isn’t quite the same as the protagonist in “Common People”, but hey, us common folks gotta find our fun where we can, right?

Common People – Pulp

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  1. James says:

    I also endorse the equally brilliant in a different way cover version by William Shatner & Ben Folds (4:40).

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