366TAS: 5:49 – Cake – Italian Leather Sofa

Every year in early June, Pittsburgh’s Point State Park plays host to the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Every year, it seems to rain all week, or at least it did when I last lived there nearly a decade ago. One of the Festival’s greatest attractions is all the free shows they put on. I was usually too busy with work or frisbee stuff or just messing around to get down and see anyone, but I did get to see Cake put on a show there one summer. I’m not sure how well the band’s irreverent style would work in a larger setting, but on a cool, breezy summer Sunday evening, they’re pretty much great.

Oh, and if you’re not a fan of four letter words (like “Cake”), you might want to tune out the rest of the week, as starting today, we’re about to have a small barrage of four letter artists.

Italian Leather Sofa – Cake

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