366TAS: 5:47 – Björk – Isobel

1995 wasn’t an especially important or memorable year for me. I mean, not much happened other than graduating from high school and going off to college. Little stuff, y’know? If you’ve been keeping an eye on the spreadsheet of data about the 366TAS songs that I maintain, you might get that idea since today – the 238th day of the year – is the first time this year that I’ve posted a song released in 1995. Before today, there were at least two songs for every year going back through 1985 and the only other year since the early 70’s lacking representation is 1984. Heck, had I posted “Get Off” the other day, I would have at least two songs from every year since my birth, save for 1983, ’84 and ’95.

The ironic bit here is that I wasn’t even listening to Björk in 1995. In fact, it would be about a decade before I really gave Post a listen, even if I was vaguely familiar with the album’s lead single, “Army of Me”. But while I was spending my time getting to know a bunch of classic rock, Björk was making an album of quirky pop songs like “Isobel” that would stand the test of time just as well.

Isobel – Björk

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  1. James says:

    Two alternate Bjork songs: 1) the endearing jazz cover “It’s So Quiet” (3:41) & 2) the haunting electro-ish “Hunter” (4:12).

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