366TAS: 5:44 – Fever Ray – Mercy Street

As we wind our way farther and farther from the starting point, the number of songs I have to choose from on a daily basis dwindled to the point where there’s very little room to maneuver. 235 artists are now off-limits and several more have to be saved for points later in the year. Also, while the quality of the music doesn’t decline with time, the quantity certainly does. Cruising through the three and four minute times, I might have had as many as 50 songs to choose from each and every day. Today, I technically have seven. Realistically, I have three or four.

Earlier in the year, I would sit down and reevaluate each pick on an almost daily basis. Not much point in doing that now, since there are so few options. Nevertheless, this is the fourth day in a row I’ve made a last-minute change. Today was originally scripted as Pearl Jam day, starring “Black”. Sunday would have been another iconic artist from my youth (Madonna), but I wanted to get “Alive” on the list more than I wanted “Like a Prayer” and Fever Ray’s cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street” is good enough to make that trade work.

Mercy Street – Fever Ray

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