366TAS: 5:42 – Metric – Artificial Nocturne

When last we checked in with the music scene in 2012, things looked pretty grim. Lots of, “okay, I’ll listen to it for awhile” stuff, but very little that I was enthusiastic about. About two months later, not much has changed. Just when I thought things were looking up with a few good releases in June, the momentum has slowed once again. Sure, July saw some interesting albums come out from Stevie Jackson, Baroness and the Debo Band. But still nothing came out that got me really excited.

There’s still reason to hope that the year can be salvaged, with upcoming releases from Grizzly Bear, David Byrne and St. Vincent, the xx, Django Django, Bloc Party, Dan Deacon, Crystal Castles, Cat Power, Animal Col… okay, I’m starting to reach here. Some of those albums will probably disappoint and some are speculation on my part, but hopefully there will be nice surprises coming from somewhere.

One of the year’s big surprises (for me, at least), was the new album from Metric. It’s not a great album, but it is one of the few albums that I’ve wanted to listen to time and time again this summer, and that alone pretty much ushers it to the head of the class of 2012. “Artificial Nocturne” is the leadoff track and it’s a highlight.

Artificial Nocturne – Metric

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  1. James says:

    Very nice pick. I have three equally good alternatives: 1) old school “Combat Baby” (3:29), 2) “Help, I’m Alive” (4:45), & 3) “Black Sheep” (4:55) off the pretty good Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack.

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