366TAS: 5:40 – Van Halen – When It’s Love

Earlier this year, the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney had some harsh words for Van Halen, who had replaced longtime bass player Michael Anthony with Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang:

I have no interest in seeing bands with partial lineups. I just saw Van Halen without Michael Anthony. I’m not a very big Van Halen fan but it was such a fucking bummer. Like what the fuck is the point? … I mean, sure, Eddie Van Halen’s son is a pretty good bass player and he’s a 20-year-old kid and that’s cool, but like, what the fuck is that? That’s fucking retarded. If someone is able to be in a band for 30 years and then people are okay with replacing him with a 17-year-old, they’re obviously motherfucking assholes, right?

As one of the commenters said, “Because, when I think of Van Halen, the first person who comes to mind is Michael Anthony.” Of course, Van Halen is no stranger to lineup changes. Outside of AC/DC, I can’t think of anyone who has had as much substantial success with two different frontmen than Van Halen has with David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar (both of whom left the band, only to reunite and leave again, and in the case of David Lee, reunite a second time).

Anyway, “When It’s Love” isn’t Van Halen’s finest work… in some ways, it’s to them what “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” is to Aerosmith, only it seems more genuine. Hey, all the 80’s rock bands had to have their power ballads, right?

When It’s Love – Van Halen

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